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Private Wachauer Distillers Hellerschmid – short information

When the Romans brought the apricots to the Wachau before Christ they started a long lasting and fruitful history. Since then the aromatic and sweet fruits are grown in this world famous region along the banks of the river Danube.

In 1948 Franz Hellerschmid founded the Distillery in Krems with the view to produce finest spirits and liqueurs from this luscious fruits. At the beginning of the 1970s he handed the company to his son, Hardt Hellerschmid. He broadened the range of products and had first exports to Germany.

One milestone in the company history was the introduction of the apricots in liqueur, called b´soffene Marille – best translated by “tipsy apricot” in 1972. Fresh apricots put in a palatable mixture of apricot brandy and apricot liqueur. This specialty represents the most fruity way of preserving apricots…

Nowadays, in the hands of the third generation, headed by Bernhard Hellerschmid, more then 20 different spirits as well as non-alcoholic beverages and other fruity products are manufactured and sold throughout the world.

Even as the machines and production-processes are up to date the recipes and basics are the same than in the years of foundation. Producing sincere quality at a high level using modern machinery and the maximum hygiene!

History in brief:

1948: Foundation by Franz Hellerschmid
1958: New building in Krems
1970: Handing over to Hardt Hellerschmid
1972: Invention of the “b´soffene Marille”
1980: Starting exports to Germany
1995: Entering the European Union
2002: First oversea exports (New Zealand, Canada)
2007: Opening of the shop in Krems/Danube
2008: Handing over to Bernhard Hellerschmid
2010: First export to the Pacific region


Fruits in Alcohol: Apricots, Pears, Figs

Distilled Spirits: Wachauer Apricot Brandy, Wachauer Williams-Pear, Wachauer Apple, Wachauer Cherry, Raspberry Brandy, Plum-Brandy

Liqueurs: Wachauer Apricot Liqueur, Almond Liqueur, Sloe Liqueur, Plum Liqueur

Creamy Liqueurs: Eggnog, Eggnog with poppy-seed, Chocolate-Liqueurs flavored with fruit (apricot, strawberry)

Non-alcoholic: Apricot syrup, pear syrup, blackcurrant syrup, apricot juice

Sweet and spicy: Apricot jam (Classic, with apricot liqueur, with almond liqueur, with poppy-seed, with chocolate), Apricot Chutney (mild, hot), apricot mustard, chocolates, confectionary

Sparkling: Marizzante (Apricot sparkling wine)


Company Address:

Die Wachauer Privatdestillerie
Bernhard Hellerschmid

A-3500 Krems/Donau
Missongasse 33

Tel.: 0043 2732 83184
FAX: 0043 2732 83184-2
Web: www.hellerschmid.com
E-Mail: info@nospamhellerschmid.com